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CSSII Centro Universitario di Studi Strategici Internazionali e Imprenditoriali

Cyber&Space Intersections



Undeniably, outer space and cyberspace are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Telecommunications networks often heavily rely on a space component. ICT applications make wide use of space-enable services, such as satellite radio-navigation, and use data captured by space-born sensors. Space is becoming more and more “contested, competitive and congested”. This domain has turned, from an environment prevalently used of scientific research, into an operational one, where systems are deployed with a deep impact on international security and international relations.

Being the cyber and space domain interconnected, it is relevant to investigate how they influence each other, for an analysis of one without the other would not be comprehensive.

It is therefore relevant, when studying of cyber security and cyber diplomacy, to take into account the implications of space.

The research conducted at the CCSIRS is focused on the existing (and future) intersections between cyber and space domains. The aim is to get to a deeper and wider comprehension about how both the concepts of space and cyber are currently changing and what might be the political, strategical and operational implications.

Responsible for the section: Marco Marcovina, Pablo Mazurier, Virginia Nizza, Walter Villadei. 


last update: 16-June-2020
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