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Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an international organization composed of 8 Member States for the purpose of political, economic and military cooperation. It was created in 2001. Besides the promotion of their code of conduct at the UN, SCO Member States signed an agreement on cybersecurity in 2009. The agreement defines what Member States perceive as main threat in cyberspace while requiring mutual assistance and cooperation to cope them. In 201, China conducted a joint anti-terroristic online exercise in order to share best practices in the fight against cyber terrorism. Little is known regarding how this agreement is been put into practice. However, it may be considered as a success since the organization was able to sign bilateral agreements between Russia and China, India and South Africa.




SCO International Code of Conduct for State Behaviour in information security

Second version of the proposal "SCO’s international code of conduct for state behaviour in information security" submitted to the United Nations.




Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of International Information Security

Agreement based on 11 articles for the cooperation between SCO Member States in the field of information security.




International Cloud Security Conference

Conference held in Suzhou (China) in 2017. Organized by the Cybersecurity Association of China, it dealt with the implementation and development of the latest information technologies, and the risks deriving from them. During the conference, new methods of promoting international cooperation with a view to developing a secure ICT environment were discussed.


Anti-Cyber-Terrorism Joint Drill

Exercise held in 2017 in Xiamen (China) with the participation of all 8 SCO countries. The exercise was designed with the aim of improving coordination between them.




SCO Expert Group on International Information Security

SCO’s Group of experts aiming at coordinating information security efforts in the digital space.


Cyber Expert Group

SCO-RATS’s (Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure) with the function of coordinating the cooperation between SCO Member States’ on counter-terrorism.


last update: 24-Aug-2020
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